Tuesday, 9 June 2015

#30DaysWild - Day 8

#30DaysWild - Day 8, a short walk on the wild side.

It is Day 8 of the challenge, and Daughter and I head off on a mid morning ferry to Oban,  I managed a short walk through the wood before we left.  Bird song, and beautiful light.  A rabbit disappearing into the undergrowth but no sign of the resident hare who lies in wait outside the fence of the Schoolhouse garden hoping to get in when no one is looking. 

10 years ago, the left hand side of the track was grazed as part of the hill and had no stock exclusion.  There were no trees.  Having kept all livestock (and the deer) out through fencing, the natural regeneration is beginning to happen.  Each spring, early summer we are surprised by the almost sudden growth.

Finally the bright yellow of the Flag Iris is coming. There is not much of it here so I love each and every stem. They always attract pollinators and so I try and look to see who is visiting.

After the tranquil beauty of one of the first mornings you could describe as summer, off to Glasgow with a tangle of teenagers. To see some #wild pop singer at the Hydro.   It was another sort of walk on the wild side, especially for all of us coming from Mull. Some amazing human wildness! 10,000 people in one huge space, very wild loud music with energetic dancing, awesome 'show' and - a lot of strange cats at sunset.

Walking out into the evening light was beautiful. A wonderful sunset over the River Clyde, seagulls flying past - solo and later in a huge flock.

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