Friday, 5 June 2015

#30DaysWild Day 5

Day 5 of the #30DaysWild Challenge, and I am not sure I succeeded today, my time on the wild side was quite short... 

We woke up late, slept through the alarm!  We havent done that ever before!  Miraculously Daughter was out of bed and into the car in record time, for a nippy drive in to Tobermory.  We got there just as the school bus was arriving!   It was trying to rain.

We had arranged to go and meet some neighbours whose house is down a rough track.  We abandoned our car and walked the last bit in the, by then, pouring rain.  As we sat and drank coffee tasting delicious freshly baked cinnamon bread, we watched the clouds slowly peel back and reveal the blue blue sky underneath.  We came outside to discover this heavenly view.

Back home and the clouds won the battle over the blue sky and we had a torrential hail storm late afternoon.  

My walk on the wild side was going to have to be in Tobermory in the evening.  This large buoy was covered with barnacles and tiny mussels.

On the Fishermen's pier last year, there was a gull nesting so we went to see if it was nesting here again. There was no sign of a nest this evening, though this pesky gull was on the scrounge.  Just out of shot a man was eating fish and chips from the chip van and it was eyeing up his chips! 

Having failed to grab any chips, it flew over to see what pickings there were on the fishing boats. 

There was no sign of the Otter which has been seen over the last few days in the bay.   The wind is getting up again now, with the heavy cloud in the sky, it is already dark. I hope we still have apple blossom on the trees once this storm has passed.
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