Thursday, 4 June 2015

#30DaysWild Day 4

#30DaysWild day 4.  

A friendly chaffinch came very close at the bus stop as I got out of the car with the dog this morning. 

The sea was calm today, and the light very grey and flat.  Oystercatchers worked the strewn seaweed on the tide line, jumping ahead of us as we walked.  Quiet, no alarm calls, no fuss.

Two female Eider duck took to the water as we got towards the far end of the beach.  That air of calm, and stillness on the surface, but with their legs paddling like crazy under water!

Back home, and time for Day 4 on the wild side.  I had some software to install, which would enable me to operate my camera remotely.  The Redpolls have been around for a few weeks now, Prasad has identified at least one of them as a Common Redpoll. I don't know if one of the ones I have photographed might be Common, I certainly don't know enough to be able to tell.  I am delighted enough just to assume they are the more common Lesser Redpoll, and enjoy their visits.   As I was setting the camera up they allowed me to come quite close before they flew off.

We have been enjoying the presence of Greenfinches and Siskins too over the last few weeks.  There are dozens of Chaffinch, who eat their way through almost a metre of bird feeder a day!

I tried a different angle on the bird feeder and was up very close.  It was probably too close as they seemed to feed off the other side, as if to keep away from the tripod.

There has been a Hooded crow around all day today, I think he is working his way into the hen run to see if he can pinch an egg or two. 

On the farm, Farmer was out checking sheep and the cows, testing out his new wellies!  Then some mundane pothole filling whilst I did book keeping. 

I doubt we will have another sunset like the spectacular one we had last night, but I will go out and enjoy some wild time in the grey evening light instead. 

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