Monday, 29 June 2015

#30DaysWild - day 27

#30DayWild - day 27

We spend our daily lives looking at the sea. Today we looked at land from the sea.  Crossing to the Isle of Barra from Oban.  

The Sound of Mull a watery corridor between the Morvern peninsular and the east coast of Mull, the Green islands off Salen.  Seeing the familiar in a different way.  Hidden Tobermory, masts of yachts at anchor or on moorings in the bay like spines of a porcupine.  

As the ferry inches out past the Isle of Coll, with binoculars we could see the recognisable shape of our headland home.  I often see the Barra ferry disappearing beyond Coll from Treshnish.  The distinctive shape of the Point and the Haunn flats as we call the raised beaches beyond Haunn.  Patches of yellow where the meadows are and the white dots of the cottages.

I had planned to sea watch from the ferry, but the sweep in the Minch put paid to that! 

Razorbills, wild rooves, seascapes and cloud.    

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