Sunday, 31 August 2014

Away with the Birds

Here we are, Away with the Birds, on the Canna ferry from Mallaig.

Approaching Canna.

A Bonxie (great Skua) circling overhead.

Coming to the pier.  The atmosphere on the ferry is wonderful. Everyone seems to be excited.  We are welcomed by Stewards who are helpful and warmly instructive.

We have from 10am until about 4pm to explore before we gather in the marquee next to Canna House, for tea, drams and cakes.

The Canna Cafe cannot be ignored. Neither can the smell of the BBQ bacon.

We head off to explore.

The old Post Office looks shut, but the stool in the phone box is welcoming.

On the way to look at the early Celtic cross.

We could see the Church on Sanday from almost everywhere.

We walked over the bridge to Sanday. The tide was not low enough to walk across the sands.

Samphire grows on the Sanday side.

The school.

This is the platform, the stage, for Away with the Birds, in Canna Bay.  Sanday Church and Rum in the distance.

We have a guided tour of the downstairs of Canna House, former home of John Lorne Campbell and Margaret Fay Shaw.  Our guide is Magda, who has lived on Canna for many years and looked after Margaret.  Her explanations and stories are heartfelt.

We are asked not to take photographs of the performance itself.  I am disappointed, hoping to capture my Blip of the Day.  But in the end, it is wonderful to listen and watch and absorb it all, without the camera.

We look back as we walk along the track to the ferry, at the cafe and the performance site.  I envy those who were camping, and prolonging their time here.

Away with the Birds is the best thing I have seen for a long, long time.  It will remain with me for as long again.  It was amazing. The experience began leaving Ardgour at 5.20am in order to catch that ferry from Mallaig.  The singing was exquisite.  The sound was so clear.  The atmosphere was so peaceful and calm.  If you get the chance to see it, I recommend it.  As we sail back to the mainland I feel as if we had been away for a week.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Uncut patches

The Devil's bit scabious are still flowering beautifully although some of them are beginning to go over now. The view north from the Black Park, on my way down to the Haunn field (above).

Unfortunately Coco has been really ill so I have been sitting with her, rather than out in the beautiful weather we have had recently.  Now the weather is changing, the wind is rising, the clouds are forming and I don't think the forecast Aurora for later tonight will be visible from here because it has completely clouded over.

Coco is better than she was, but she is still not out of the woods.

In to the Haunn field and the face of silvery light from the Tiree direction!  The light catching on the wetland area was beautiful reflecting the silvers from the sea light.

The patches of the field that we left are still looking beautiful.  There is so much colour once you look in.

You never know what you might find in amongst the flowers.

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