Monday, 18 August 2014

Shoreline stories

Apologies. This is not a farming blog post, but a 'school run walk the dog at the same time' blog post on a lovely fresh August morning. 

Calgary Beach. Monday morning. After a stormy weekend, today dawned bright and autumnal.  The waters edge was littered with victims of the storm - jelly fish (lions manes amongst them, one or two huge ones) and clumps of brilliant green sea lettuce, looking good enough to eat.. with feathers of birds that have perhaps not survived the storm.    

The campsite has thinned out over the weekend, and I was the first human on the beach this morning. But the freshly washed sands from the outgoing tides were telling the story of activity before I appeared - dozens of footprints and tracks of oystercatchers and gulls.

A perfect walk to start the week.

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