Saturday, 27 May 2017


The fields are beginning to bloom.  We have had very little rain, so there is not an abundance of grass growth yet.

I haven't written a list while out walking but these are the ones I remember seeing yesterday when walking here at Treshnish.

Heath spotted orchid,
Cow parsley,
Red campion,
Heath pea vetch,
Wood bitter vetch,
Early purple orchid,
Northern marsh orchid,
Bloody cranesbill,
Yellow rattle,
Common twayblade,
Broad-leaved helleborine..

In other news, Farmer is watching the water supplies carefully.   So far so good.  We may have a borehole but unfortunately we are waiting for it to be connected up to our water supply!

Guests have been enjoying good sightings of 3 otters in the rock pools along the coast beyond Port Haunn.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Along the cliff tops

Early purple orchid

Dog violet and Treshnish Isles

Bending in the wind, Early purple orchid

Along the cliff tops

Those beautiful shimmering isles

Pignut unfurling

Pignut and Bluebell

Heath spotted orchid

Hurrying Herdwicks (on hearing the sound of the feed bag)

Sunlight through White campion

The broody in the boat

Clinging on Sea pinks

The glow of twilight

Sunset over Coll

Three bottle fed lambs become bucket fed lambs

These clifftops, home of tiny pale Mountain Everlasting

Rock rose

Mountain everlasting

Heath pea vetch

Ferns in the Haunn gardens

Bluebells and dark island shapes

Sunday, 7 May 2017

International Dawn Chorus Day

There is a special grassy knoll in the field below the house with some twisted dancing birch trees.  A few days ago Farmer decided to hook up the two hammocks we have had for years but never used.  Perfect place to go and listen to the dawn chorus.

The alarm clock went off just before 4am and we nearly didn't get out of bed.  However a few minutes later, armed with sleeping bags and a flask of tea, we headed down in the almost dark to the hammocks. 

Neither of us are good on bird song ID so were unaware of a lot of the bird song and who was singing, but it was just wonderful to lie there (grateful for the sleeping bags as it was pretty cold before sunrise) listening to the woodland wake up, and wait for the sun to come over the Ensay hill. 

We did hear cuckoos calling in two different places - one near the house, and the other coming from the woodland near the old boathouse.

As it got lighter, the Common Gulls from the colony on the lochan started flying around, the Hooded crows did the same.  And the fine branches of the birch trees above us quivered in the breeze. 

A heavy dew fell on the grass between us walking down in the dark and getting up when the sun came over the hill.

A Robin, several Song thrushes and Blackbirds came close by to find food in the grass.  

We walked back up the hill and found breakfast in the kitchen.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

May days and nights

Such beautiful weather.
Wonderful to see the wild flowers coming.
Field pea.
Ferns unfurling.
Farmer in a hammock (inspired idea)
Sunsets to dream of.
Feel so grateful that we live here.

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