Saturday, 30 June 2018

June 30th 2018 #30DaysWild

The last day of the #30DaysWild challenge 2018.

My wild experiences have mostly been wandering through the fields at Treshnish - but today Farmer and family headed off on a Calmac ferry.  This gave us a good opportunity for sea-watching.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

June 28th 2018 #30DaysWild

Another early morning wander through the Coronation Meadow.

June 27th 2018 #30DaysWild

Spending time in the fields is such good medicine.   I feel very, very lucky to have this beauty all around me - so very grateful.

I started out early to try and avoid the glare of the sun during the day.  It was already 19 degrees at 6.45am!  The Coronation Meadow has many different areas to it, and this morning I spent some time in the ditches - nice and cool!

The undergrowth of rushes in the ditch is quite thick and it felt almost dark against the vibrance of Ragged robin.

The tiny Forget-me-Nots are so pretty.

Late afternoon we went for a swim at Calgary.  The machair is looking amazing - the scent of Thyme and Lady's bedstraw was intoxicating.

The swimming was wonderful - even warm!

The first Harebells!

Ben More in the evening sun.

I went back to the Black park to the top corner of Fragrant orchids.  Again, the scent filling the air before I got to them.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

June 26th 2018 #30DaysWild

It has been calm and still today.  

The Curlew have been active.  Flying over the house and calling.   I wonder if their young have now fledged. 

The first Harebell.  Also saw the first Meadowsweet.

Flying over the Point. 

Bog asphodel and Bog cotton.

The Haunn Cottages from the Point. 

We wouldn't have meadows if we didn't have Yellow rattle!

The colours in this Field buttercup and surrounding Red clover have not been edited!

And then another wonderful sunset...

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