Monday, 11 June 2018

June 11th 2018 #30DaysWild


What a wild day!  The best sort.

We had a visit from a Plantlife botanist and his partner this afternoon and I had the absolute pleasure of showing them the fields.    It was wonderful to walk through the fields with someone so knowledgeable and I felt very proud of how Treshnish has blossomed, literally, in the last 23 years.

A bank of Wood bitter-vetch in Black Park.

Small white orchids in the Coronation Meadow.

On the Point.  Blankets of Cotton grass.

Back in the Coronation Meadow.

I find the hawk weeds very difficult but I now know this one is Marsh hawks beard.  It was in a damper patch of the Haunn field. 

Highlight was the bank of Wood bitter-vetch I photographed yesterday.  Today with our visitors, in brilliant mid afternoon sunshine it was again difficult to photograph.   So tonight I went back just before sunset and caught the golden hour which accentuated the colours of the plant nicely.  

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