Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October disappeared

Sorry it has been such a long time since the last blog. It feels as if we have been away for most of the month!  We went off to Devon, Somerset and Bristol and came home via alot of counties on the A1 to Northumberland.  Spent our last few nights on a farm near Alnmouth.  It was very wet. (everywhere).

We were home for a few days before heading off again to my brothers wedding. Lincolnshire this time.  Classic English church and all very lovely.  But it is a relief to be home now and to have no plans to go further than Oban for a while!

The turbine installers had been in touch with us while we were away suggesting they came last week to do the turbine, but we would nt have had time to organise everything so they came yesterday.  In between time though Jim had dug a couple of big holes - one for the base of the turbine itself and the other for the lever point which brings the turbine down for servicing.

The weather was not so good this time.

The bigger of the 2 dumpers broke down a couple of times.

Jim's dad drove the second one.

Uncle Tommy drove the digger.

Whilst the concrete was being poured the original turbine was being serviced.

Apparently all was well, nothing had fallen off.

You can see the second turbine site in the distance.

Puddling the concrete.  Thanks Guy for your help.

And thanks to the sun for coming out once most of the concrete was poured. 

Hips outside the Studio.

In the woodland.

I love the rowans, still in berry, but having dropped their leaves.

And there it is - the base plate and the view.

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