Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Back on the farm

Back on the farm the Farmer is busy getting everything ready for lambing.  

The ewes were scanned a month or so ago and marked with different colours according to the number of lambs they are carrying.  The older ewes and the hill ewes expecting twins were all kept to one side and put in a field on their own.  The hill ewes expecting singles were put back to the hill.  The Cheviots and Zwartble ewes were put in another field and this week the young gimmers expecting their first lambs were separated from the others as they are going to come into the cattle shed and be looked after away from the watchful eye of the Hooded Crows and other large birds looking for easy pickings at lambing time.

The winter work on the cottages is almost finished, and plans are already in the making for next winter..  Looking back on the winter, it seems to have passed very quickly.  We certainly have not had as many storms as we usually have and the wind generation on the turbines is down quite a bit as a result!  But we are not complaining as it has given us some lovely weather and we so appreciate the longer days.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Looking for a short break?

Whats been happening on the farm? Nearly at the end of February already.. the days are getting longer and it is great to be doing the school run at both ends of the day in daylight!  

We have had mixed weather all month - but no great storms to speak of.  In fact this winter has not been as windy as usual!  I haven't checked the wind turbine generation readings for a while, but I know they will be down on last year.

Farmer has been gathering the hill to bring the ewes in for scanning tomorrow.  We have just gone up to Larach mhor on the main road above Treshnish to retrieve the truck, as they left it there at the start of the gather yesterday.  On the way up there we could see across to the Sitheans, and could see a puckle of ewes that got away from them yesterday. Hence Farmer off with the dogs to get them in now.

Scanning the ewes is useful to us as it means we know which ewes are expecting twins and can keep them in for supplementary feeding nearer the time.  Lambing is about 6 weeks away!

Toechtamhor has been the centre of attention this month - with an upgraded shower and new bathroom windows all round, plus one improvement I will leave as a surprise for regular visitors!  The twin bedroom has a new insulated wooden floor and both bedrooms have new easy to control electric heaters - finally, the days of storage heaters are over I am glad to say! 

There has been work going on in other cottages too...!  Shieling has had lighting improvements, and a new shower before Christmas.  Studio had an upgraded shower before Christmas too.    West has its new layout which feels really good, and feedback from guests so far is very positive.

We are offering short breaks between now and the end of April, and are considering doing the same in September and October.  Please get in touch if you want to book a short break or a week between now and then.  There is a 10% discount available on a week booking until the 28th April!

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