Thursday, 9 November 2017


Brownie and one of the wedders enjoying the sun.

Searching for crumbs.

Brownie is just not interested in saying hello when he knows there is not any food for him.

For the most part the weather over the last few weeks has been pretty dire.  Every now and then though you get a wonderful day.  This was one of them.  It was so very very quiet.  I could hear the conversation the fishermen were having on their boat below the house.

Mid morning and the sun was burnishing Calgary with golden colours.

The Rosa rugosa has nearly lost all its leaves but it is still a very important Sparrow habitat.

Yes, not every day is blue sky.   And now that the clocks are well and truly back, it is a shock how early it gets dark in the evening.

On Sunday Farmer was helping with some sheep on another farm.  Daughter was doing an English essay and I had some errands to run on the Ross of Mull.  I could not have picked a better day.

As you know I am not a Birder and I didn't even take binoculars with me.  I had a lovely sighting of a female Hen harrier hunting very close to the road at one point and I saw dozens of Buzzards hunting and sitting on posts!

This boat lies across the road from the Pennyghael Stores.  The posts in the background indicate the route across the top of the loch at low tide.  I would not recommend it now, as I have no idea if there are in the same place as they were before, and besides there is a perfectly good road.

I have been across it twice. Once on my 'honeymoon' when  Farmer drove across it as a rash newly-wed in a 4x4 - and promptly washed the car to get the salt off it the next day!  The other time was a long time before that.  My father drove across it at low tide in his pride and joy, an old Citreon DS. As children we were both really excited and a little nervous at the same time - sharing my mothers anxiety perhaps!

The view up to Burg with Ulva beyond.

And peaceful bliss at Uisken.  No one else there. Picnic in the sun. Coffee in an old tin cup walking the strand line.

This is Castaways.  Did you know they have a 24 hour book shed round the back?  You can literally buy a book at any time of day or night!

The highlight of my day, sightings wise, were these two Otter pups.  I did report them to the Mull Otter Group though as I was concerned they were out on the road and there seemed to be no sign of the mother.

Back home and another day.  Damp and dark.  Such is November on Mull.  You need to enjoy the sunshine while you can. 

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