Thursday, 23 August 2018

An August autumn

All of a sudden it is late summer.   Early autumn.  The rowans are dripping with red berries and the heather has been flowering for weeks.

Farmer is busy getting ready to gather for lamb sales.

The Salen Show has been and gone.  A lovely day was had, and a second place and a third place (yellow and blue) were brought home.

A few years ago there were one or two Goldenrod in the Black Park, now the bank is covered in them.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Bracken control

The fields have had a late summer coat on for a couple of weeks now.  A canopy of flowing grass seedheads of golden above the tiny Eyebright, Red Bartsia and Hawkweeds below.   Breaking up the grasses are the piercing blues of Devils bit scabious.

It was such a huge relief to get the water supplies sorted out.  And now our tanks are brimming full again.   Crystal clear water!

This has freed Farmer up to get bracken cutting whenever he can.   He has been cutting in the fields below the house and along the sea.   There are areas which he just cannot reach with the tractor - such as along the coast to the Whisky cave and up the steep hillsides.  Sadly the track to Port Haunn is too narrow for the quad and the bracken cutter.  He used to use a thing called a Tracmaster along the coast, which he walked behind.   It's cutter blades sliced through the bracken, but unfortunately it has given up the ghost and a new one would cost thousands.   In the current climate of farming uncertainty we cannot justify getting a new one.

It is the Salen Show on Thursday so Farmer and Daughter are beginning to prepare the Herdwicks for the Show!

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