Saturday, 31 January 2015


Another storm, but this time, today, with sunshine.  It does feel as if we have not seen sunshine for many many days.  Today the wind is from the north, and the sea is a vibrant turquoise with white horses and rolling waves breaking on the rocks below the house. I am grateful that we have new double glazed doors on the front of the house, it would be freezing without them protecting us from the wind. 

It has been a hard winter for the sheep this winter. Usually our ewe hoggs thrive over their first winter enjoying the feed they get each morning.  But this winter they are not looking as good as they usually do. Farmer is dreaming of being able to keep them in next winter, so that they don't have to weather the wind and the seemingly perpetual rain.  I can't remember what the percentage of energy it is that out wintered animals use just keeping warm, but it is considerable.

Every morning they wait for the sound of the Farmer's quad bike.  Today at least their backs are drying after the sleet and snow of the last few days.

Farmer has to check every clump of brambles in the field at the moment to make sure none of the hoggs have got stuck in them.   Over the last few years of more strict conservation management grazing times we have seen the brambles increase, because of the timing of when the cows can graze particular fields. I might be partially to blame too, as I might ask that the cows be kept out of certain areas because of the wild flowers, which means the brambles get more out of hand.  

Friday, 23 January 2015

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A snow day

Wednesday morning and a soft pink sky.

As we left to go to Tobermory - errands including taking the recycling bins as there had been a few failed collections by the council and we can't store it forever - it began to snow, softly.

The Mishnish Lochs were still, the surface frozen and light snow falling.

Errands all done, meetings met, and coffee and cake enjoyed in the Tobermory bakery, we headed for home.  The road from Calgary to our turning was slushy, and the temperature was beginning to drop. The light was beautiful.

Before dark the sprinkling of snow had started to freeze, and was delightfully crunchy underfoot.

The sky was clear.

The stars came out.

During the course of the evening, the aurora borealis grew stronger.

Thank goodness for my thick winter boots,  Farmer's thick winter coat, and Christmas present hat and gloves.  It was cold outside.  The road was too icy to consider driving to Croig, so I had to be content with the view over the garden wall.

I took my last photograph about 1am and went off to bed.

Sunrise this morning was a delight.  The road was too icy for the school run, so truly a snow day!

The in-by ewes are now in the field beside Haunn, and they seem very pleased to see the Farmer in the morning.

During the day today, the little snow we had has all but melted.  Shian's roof was nearly finished and the hole for Duill's last window was knocked through.

Farmer went to clear up the rubble and ended the day with a debilitating puncture.

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