Saturday, 8 May 2021

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

A Crane!!

Treshnish was graced with the presence of a Common crane on 4th May.  What an experience!   We watched it in the field by the Ensay burn as it walked and fed and walked, before it was disturbed by some Greylag geese.  It then flew off towards Scoma and Haunn. Sorry for the poor quality of the photographs.  Only other sighting on Mull was at Bunessan in 1975.

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Wild flowers 2021 - a running list


Bog cotton


Bird's foot trefoil

Bugle (at Alan's)



Cuckoo flower



Dog violet 

Dog's mercury

Early purple orchid

Germander speedwell 

Icelandic poppy


Marsh marigold


Mountain everlasting

Narrow leaved helleborine 


Red campion

Scurvy grass 

Sea thrift 

Sweet woodruff

Thyme-leaved speedwell

Wood avens 

Wood anemone

Bold type = photographed in 2021

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Sunday, 28 March 2021

British Summer Time

We woke this morning to British Summer Time.  Wind and rain.   Not a great start to 'summer time' weather wise.

Lambing is 2 weeks away so Farmer got a shock at feeding time this morning when he found an abandoned newborn lamb in the field of ewes all expecting twins.   He looked around and unfortunately found the second lamb drowned in a ditch.  No sign of the mother anywhere.   The lamb (Lois) is now warm and cosy in our porch, with a full belly, and is thankfully thriving. 

Earlier in the week we had to go over to our neighbour's fank to film some ewes he is selling to send to the potential buyer.  It is one of the few stone fanks still in use on the island and has an amazing view across to Treshnish! 

The day before I had been down in the Ross of Mull photographing stone fanks with the drone.  This one is at Knockvologan, beautifully made with high walls.  It was last used about 30 years ago. 

Now the Equinox is past it is wonderful to see the sun setting this side of Treshnish Point. 

Toechtamhor had guests from the Ross of Mull last weekend, I was down there measuring for new curtains in the double bedroom, and the sun was out.  Just lovely! 

A lot of feeding going on just now.  Keeping the ewes in good shape for the latter part of their pregnancies. 

This one has realised that being brave means having a few titbits before Farmer feeds everyone else. 

The Common gulls are back at their nesting site, and following the quad bike around the different areas where the sheep are fed. 

This blue tin used to line the walls of a tin shed near Fionnphort.  I have photographed it many times.  The beautiful rusted aged tin has now been taken off the walls, and new box profile has replaced it.  It keeps the shed going and serving a useful purpose which is great, but I will mourn the old cladding and its photographic potential. 

Dog walks. 

The Herdwick ewes were put through the fank yesterday so they could have a pre-lambing checkover and receive their annual worm drench.   

This ewe is expecting triplets so she is staying in the shed to have her lambs where we can easily see her, and help if need be. 

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