Friday, 21 August 2020

August skies and seas

Flying at Croig, early evening 

Port na Ba

Croig pier

Coming in from the fishing boat


Caliach headland

Along the track

Sun setting through Fuchsia

It hasn't been sunny all the time

Some of the sunset light from some of our August nights

And this morning the sun came out again


Monday, 17 August 2020

A Butterfly summer

Wild angelica

Devils bit scabious

Green veined white?


Peacock on Devils bit scabious

A field of Knapweed

Knapweed, in Wigwam 1 

Heather on the Sitheans

So many Scotch argus this year, difficult to photograph - this one was in the dome, sitting target! 

Common lizard outside Toechtamhor

Corn spurry

Grass of parnassus

Turf dyke, Black Park

Adder, dead

Devil's bit scabious

Heather on the track


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