Monday, 4 August 2014

New hens and Hedgehogs

Shian and Duill gardens have recovered from their upheaval last winter.  The bare soil heap left by the excavations for the sitooteries were scattered with bee and butterfly mix of wild flower seeds sourced from Scotia Seeds, and they are flowering now.  Lots of bees buzzing around when I was taking the photographs on Friday afternoon.

Farmer's helper R has been doing wonders in the veg garden.  All the compost from the cottages and our own kitchen is making nutritious compost as well as using Comfrey tea for watering.

The patches we have left in our own garden for the ox eye daisies have been flowering for months, and always catch the sunset light beautifully.

We had a delivery of new hens from the Isle of Skye on Friday morning.  We ordered 6 Lomond Brown hens and 7 arrived! They were tentative about venturing out on Saturday morning (below) but by yesterday afternoon they were a little braver and even made out of the hen run into the grass by our house.

Those of you who know Farmer, will know his enthusiasm for observing the seasons.  This morning I was horrified when he said it really feels autumnal... it is only the beginning of August.

However.. I have to admit.. the fields are beginning to look towards autumn. The silage field (below the house) is more than ready to cut, even though we won't be able to cut it until September.  The seed heads of the yellow rattle and the mosaic of grasses lend an autumn dryness to the scene.

I think Eyebright gets a prize this summer to appearing to flower almost endlessly and in all sorts of different habitats.  There are many different kinds and I have not identified any of them, but I hope to in the winter when I try and sort out the thousands of images I have taken of Treshnish this summer.

The borders of the Haunn field (the Coronation Meadow) are wild and wonderful. The creamy Meadowsweet and the floating swaying Devil's bit scabious look amazing in every light.

Before bed, we spotted a visitor to the garden.  I wonder if he had heard about Farmer's birthday present (the Hedgehog house) which we have put in the corner of the garden hoping to encourage a  safe hibernation place for 'hedgies'.

We have some nice cosy hibernation places for humans too at Treshnish - some of them still with space in September.  Please get in touch to see when we have space and if you think you would like an autumn break.
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