Monday, 25 August 2014

Swimmingly. Not.

The cable laying vessel has been busy in the bay for the last couple of days, and Farmer has been puzzling about the method, as at times the sea looks as if the sea bed is being churned up, with a sandy slick around the boat.

Today there has been no sign of it, but it is Sunday.

The baling was all going really well. Until the main drive roller split in half (rusted through) and blew out the wall of the baler.  It is not economic to mend it.   Thankfully a kind neighbouring farmer came to our rescue on Saturday morning and baled the last bit of the Haunn field for us.  He will also come and bale for us in September and there is talk of coming to an arrangement next year too - whereby we do some work for him near by in exchange.

Daughter and I went to the black sands at Kilninian yesterday and spent some time with the little boy cousins.  We had the beach to ourselves and it was a beautiful afternoon.   Lots of boy time spent building dams and chasing about.

Farmer was busy getting ready for gathering on Sunday.  Sunday morning dawned so bright and clear. Totally wonderful in fact.  We took the dogs up to the Sitheans.  The heather is looking very colourful. 

Farmer went off to round up some straying ewes and lambs while I followed the old turf dyke back down to the lochan.

J and J came over to help gather this afternoon, I was at the Producers Market in Dervaig, and Daughter was having more cousin time on the beach.  Tomorrow they will sort the lambs as Farmer is taking a load to market again on Tuesday.  

The sunset tonight was magical, but I was having an evening off from the camera, which I now slightly regret! 

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