Wednesday, 24 June 2015

#30DaysWild - day 23

Day 23 of the #30DaysWild challenge.

Walking at sunset, a little later than I had hoped, but the light improved as the walk progressed, into a beautiful sunset with even a patch of rainbow cloud.

The Fragrant orchids are beginning to appear in more numbers.  They almost appear to have come out of nowhere.

We are still hearing the cuckoo, this evening it was calling from the  trees round the house, very close, for a few minutes before flying off towards the wood between here and the Point.

Lady's bedstraw is just about to flower, another yellow to add to the mix.

Northern marsh orchids.

Fragrant orchid, on the cusp.  I even found one growing where we have cleaned out the old drainage ditch, on a sod of turf moved by the digger.

The fragment of rainbow cloud or sundog.

The Wood bitter-vetch and the bee.

I left Daughter and Farmer to walk about to the farm via the track and I headed across the natural regeneration wood.  There doesn't seem to be as much bog cotton here this year, but it is feeling more and more like a woodland area, and given how wet certain bits of it of it are, it is wonderful to see all the young trees, growing and spreading.  The bog myrtle was in leaf, last time I walked through here it was flowering that strong browny orange flower. The scent when I rubbed young leaves through my fingers transported me to when I lived in London and used to take a branch of bog myrtle with me, to remind me of Mull.

I have a bright green poncho which I use when I lie on the ground to take photographs. I think the tups thought it was a feed bag.

A swirling number of noisy Common gulls again flying up and down from the lochan. A heron flying up from the sea to the woodland where the nests are. 

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