Tuesday, 30 June 2015

#30DaysWild - day 29

#30DaysWild - day 29. The 29th day of June, and the month of daily wild blogging is nearly at an end, only today and tomorrow’s to go.   

Walking near the cottage we are renting is always lovely, whatever the weather, and this morning I was looking at what makes it all so yellow - for yellow it is, a gentle breezy delicate yellow hovering above the grasses.  Tormentil, Marsh marigold, Flag iris, Buttercup, Birds Foot Trefoil.  There are occasional Northern marsh orchids, but not a single Fragrant orchid yet, and no sign of the Six spot burnet moth, no sound of the Corncrake either.  

We walked up at Eoligarry in the afternoon under a cloud of light rain.  2 seals watched us progress up the beach, a trio of female Eider duck did the same.  We usually watch terns here, but there were no sign of them today, nor any Gannets within easy visibility.   A solitary Shag flies one way and then the other.  A gull drops down to the surface of the water.  I hate to keep comparing to last year, and years before that, but Eoligarry is usually noisy with Corncrakes and we didn’t hear any today, I hope that was just because of the wind and that we will hear them on a calmer day. 

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