Wednesday, 24 June 2015

#30DaysWild - day 24

An early walk for Day 24 of #30DaysWild, far earlier than usual! I woke up at goodness knows what time, before 4am anyway, and saw this gentle glow in the sky to the east.  Sunrise. The forecast for the Aurora has been incredibly strong for the last couple of nights, but with our long midsummer days and short dark skies, it was going to be unlikely for us to see anything. Just in case though, I had set the time lapse to see what was happening while we were asleep! Noctilucent clouds were more of a possibility if the sky stayed clear.  My time lapse showed neither, the sky had been fairly cloudy over night.

I donned dressing gown and wellies, and headed into the field to photograph the colour over the sea.  The sky was a wonderful changing tableaux of colour. The sea was mirror calm, and picking up the colours beautifully.  The fishing boat we had seen last night in Calgary Bay had already picked up its anchors and disappeared.

It was very very still.  It was very quiet. I could hear the gulls, and a blurring of beautiful birdsong (IDing birdsong is not my forte) from the trees as I walked in the field overlooking the sea. The sunlight reflected on the windows of Shian and Duill was stunning and I wondered if there was anyone awake to enjoy the sunrise - they would barely have had to get out of bed!

The cows were very settled in a friendly group, grazing or sitting chewing the cud, as the sky played overtures reflecting in the calmness of the sea and the morning.

It was purely by chance that I looked away from the sunrise, and found this stunning double rainbow. For most of the year our sunrises are at a respectable time and appear over the hill behind the house.  Rainbows nearly always appear over the sea, or Calgary headland. I don't ever remember seeing one over the Point before, and it was lovely to recognise the difference in the passage of the sun, and therefore the rainbows when the days are so long and the sun rises in a different quarter of my sky.

I walked towards the woodland I was walking through last night, and over the brow of the field, there were the three hares sitting still, looking away from me.  (You will have to take my word for it, I didnt have the right lens for hares..) I had a good moment of enjoying them being there, before they saw me and off they ran.

It was lovely to see the sun rise on the Point from that angle too, so different from the winter sunrises which light up the other side.  The sea was so still, and I could hear the sheep on the Point, as well as murmurings from the cows.

I came back indoors an hour later, a little damp from the drizzle, and went back to bed.   When I woke at 6.30 the sky was grey, the sea was silver - no trace of the colours of a few hours earlier.

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