Sunday, 21 June 2015

#30DaysWild - day 21

It is Midsummer's Day today, and what should be more suitable (not) than a swampy damp walk on a grey afternoon of #30DaysWild - Day 21.

Farmer had to mend the fence where he had cut it yesterday to get the heifers out of the woodland.  I walked down through the Black Park and into the woodland where the cut fence was lain on the ground. I don't remember spending time in that particular corner of the woodland before.  It was beautifully still and quiet.

Far off, a female cuckoo's bubbling call. Closer to us, varied birdsong from the trees. We saw chaffinches and after a brief rain shower, gulls flying low over the field and with an ungainly turn/tumble,  swooping down to the ground and then as quickly lifting off again. They were too quick and just too far away for us to see what they were catching, but it was clearly worth it as several were doing the same thing.

This low corner of the woodland is quite wet, with a patch of Phragmites stretching from the fence back to the lichen laden hazels.  Walking through the bog, the strong sweet scent of Water mint bursting out from the watery earth beneath my feet. The pretty blue and pink eyed flowers of Water Forget me not, which is so enchanting peering out through the rushes.

I found Yellow Eyed Grass again, on the burn where I had seen it last year.

The first Ragged robin of the season.

Somebody's leftovers, quite a distance up the burn from the sea.

Pignut is working its way to the top of my favourites list this year. It is so common here, but it is so pretty.

This was growing in the bog, I think it is a Hypericum but I don't know which one.

Ragged robin just about to unfurl.

Water forget me not.

 Marsh thistle.

New growth hazel. 

Huge marsh marigold leaves.

This Water forget me not had been flattened, perhaps by a marauding heifer yesterday?

So pretty.

Marsh marigold.

The wagon, with the fencing materials in the back.

Two ferns growing in a wet and dark corner.

Water mint.

Lichen droplet.

Scottish thistle.

A pale Flag iris.  They don't grow that abundantly at Treshnish, so they are always lovely to find.

Home again, and the clouds are lifting.  Perhaps we will have a mid summer sunset after all.
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