Monday, 15 June 2015

#30DaysWild - Day 14

We had time for #30DaysWild today, and what's more it was fantastically clear and sunny.  Mid afternoon, armed with thermos flask and tin cups, we headed out onto the Point.

We could see for miles and miles.  Between Canna and Rum, the north west of Skye was visible.  On Iona you could see the white sandy beaches glowing, and on Tiree roof top silhouettes break the skyline. There was a cold nip in the air, but the sun was so dazzlingly bright.

There were Heath spotted orchids,

Glistening patches of Bog cotton,

Bloody cranesbill just coming out,

Wood bitter-vetch in 3 phases of flowering,

Wonderful clumps of Bird's foot trefoil,

Steep tumbling cliffs with Thrift and Sea campion,

More of the cotton grass,

And the fully out florets of the bitter-vetch,

East, Middle and West were looking lovely.

As was Toechtamhor.

As for the Treshnish Isles..

Home in time to do the chores, and then cook and eat late, watching the sunset.

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