Saturday, 6 June 2015

#30Days Wild - Day 6

Day 6 #30DaysWild

Our walk on the wild side today was this evening, down along the shore below the house. I wanted to see how the wild flowers were coming on, along the cliffs and in the wetter areas below the raised beach, at sea level.  It was a good opportunity to storm watch too, as it has been pretty windy today, cold and wet at times too.

It was an absolute joy to walk through the fields even though it was very cold. Discovering these beauties again, like meeting old friends, albeit transitory ones.

Common Twayblade.

Pea vetch pod.

Melancholy thistle.

Water avens.

Protected from the wind.

Waves coming onto the stony beach at the Ensay burn mouth.

Waves rolling up the Ensay burn mouth.



Water avens.

Sea campion.

The ferns down here are wonderful.

Sea thrift.

Water avens.


Red campion under the hazels.

And finally the sun appears just as it sets.

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