Sunday, 7 June 2015

#30DaysWild - Day 7

#30DaysWild - day 7.  Sunny but still not warm unless out of the wind. 

One of the Herons that live and breed here. 

We took the walk on the wild side beyond Haunn.  Originally we were going to go out on to the Point, but the tide was low and the rocks called.  Last year there were verdant clumps of Thrift and hundreds of orchids.  This year the wind has burnt the orchids to a crisp! The clumps of thrift were there in places, hanging on for dear life.

This timeless boat took no time at all to pass us and on beyond the Islands.

This was a fresh water waterfall  tumbling into the naturally deep channel visible at low tide.

From Thrift above my head to rock pools at my feet.  Something so very pure about the sun shining in the rock pool, the water so clear.

These cliffs used to be nesting sites for Fulmars and Kittiwakes, but in recent years the colonies have completely died off. In places there are nesting shags, but further round from here. We didn't see any today.  We saw a pair of Gannets and a juvenile Rock pipit. 

As we climbed back up the cliffs to head for home, I found 3 or 4 white Milkwort plants.  Farmer did a bit of extreme beach cleaning, and carried this huge lid (from a fish farm box we think) back up to the top of the cliffs.  Thank goodness we had the buggy and it fitted in the back.

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