Saturday, 14 June 2014

Wildflower walking

Two for one on the road to Ulva Ferry this morning, after some heavy rain.

Farmer was busy getting ready for the hoggs shearing tomorrow.  This involves getting the shed ready and moving various lots of sheep around.

I walked with my brother, the dog and the camera. The bog beyond Duill and Shian was looking very oily.

The tide was very low, and the Ragged Robin was out.  Sea Milkwort and Sea Arrow-grass. 

The field below the house was yellow with Yellow Rattle and Buttercup, with Greater Butterfly, Northern Marsh and Fragrant Orchids dotted about the banks and edges.

Later Farmer took a break and joined me on the Point.  The Bloody Cranesbill is looking amazing.

We have a wildlife cameraman here at the moment, hoping to catch some footage of the family of otters living near the Whisky Cave who have been entertaining quite a few of our guests recently, with fishing lessons in rock pools and lots of aquatic comings and goings.    He is working on a wildlife programme for TV, to be shown in 2 years time!

In the end Farmer left me to it, and went back to work.  I had a blissful time on my own, listening to the birds, and looking at the wildflowers..

Shearing the hoggs tomorrow, an early start. And I am deserting the ship, off to Skye to take photographs for a website, leaving my brother to do the shearing catering!

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