Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nearly midsummer

As the longest day approaches... I see a primrose flowering in a sheltered spot on the Point, carpets of Bloody Cranesbill, pockets of Northern Marsh Orchids, a solitary Small White Orchid (should be called Tiny White Orchid, if you ask me), the first Bog Asphodel, and so many, but beginning to look tired, Heath Spotted Orchids... flowers we look forward to.. one minute they are here, the next it seems, they are over... I must not succumb to that feeling that summer is over just because the longest day is approaching!

I have been asked by Plantlife for some portrait format photographs of the Coronation Meadow/Haunn field, so I spent a very pleasant few hours out there today, once the sun came out.   There are so many orchids!

I was drawn onto the Point by the silver white carpets of Bog Cotton we could see from the Haunn cottages.

 St John's Wort

All that is left of a ... killed by a bird of prey.

The Bog Cotton is going to seed and drifts of fine silvery white feathery seeds blow across the heath.

I couldn't believe the size of the patches of Bloody Cranesbill, on the side of the Point.  I climbed higher and higher, and then couldn't get any further, so had to go all the way back to the bottom.

Wood Sage, just started to flower.


Lots of cruise boats around just now.

Earlier today Farmer had been mowing down at Haunn, and came rushing back to get me, so I could see what he had found.  A wriggling black mass of peacock caterpillars on the nettles.   It was really exciting - precisely why we leave patches of nettles dotted around the farm!

I photographed them up quite close in the dull light of the morning, they were writhing around and really quite 'creepy-crawlie'.

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