Friday, 27 June 2014

Fodder for the cows

Farmer was keen to move the cattle before we go on holiday.  He looks at the calendar to make sure he doesn't contravene the grazing regime dictated by our Rural Priorities contract, and then selects the field they need to be in. 

Knowing that it was to be the field below the farmhouse, Wigwam 1, I went for a walk to try and catch some sun on the wildflowers before they are 'affected' by the cows.  Walking through some patches of the field the grass was really long, and definitely needs to be nibbled down.  

This afternoon J from Croig came over to help jag the Cheviot lambs and move them to the Point field, and then they moved the cows.

The bright green patch of rain flattened grasses is the result of repairing a previous dung heap site with silage grass - nil biodiveristy but max taste, judging by the bee line the herd made for it.

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