Sunday, 1 June 2014

Changing by the day

A bit of light livestock work for the teenager who wanted to get the two bottle fed lambs on to solid food.  Farmer had been holding some sheep muesli back deliberately for them, and Eoligarry (the larger lamb rescued by Farmer a week ago) took to it immediately.  Elmo, the smaller, was less sure.

The cows in front of the house seem to be quite settled where they are, we are enjoying their presence.

The dogs are always interested in the lambs. Walter wants to lick them.

Jan, as usual, is lurking at some distance but comes quickly to the call of the Farmer.

Down below the house, the red campion is popping up everywhere.

This poor rowan may be flowering for the last time, as it was laid low by the storms.

The fields are changing colour - into the yellows of yellow rattle and buttercup now.

Ferns by the graveyard, Kilmaluaig.

A huge example of the Early Purple Orchid, going over now.

Thrift at the Ensay burn mouth.

Oystercatcher nest.  We made a hasty retreat having seen it.  Thankfully the dogs were at heel and not running wild.


More common twayblade.

 The field below the house.

Swathes of yellows coming in now.

A woven beach find.

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