Monday, 2 June 2014

Never a dull walk, whatever the weather

The morning School Run walk along the beach this morning.  Appearance of calm and beautiful even without the sunshine.  It progressed into mildly damp and continuing greyness, with the sea appearing and disappearing from view, through low misty clouds.

The nettle patches are looking beautiful at the moment. I am not sure what these funny imperfections are.

The slugs at Treshnish are very well fed - nothing but the best - we saw them devouring orchids and the rare wood bitter-vetch today...!

It is really hard to photograph especially as the macro is still being mended after last week's calamity, but there are areas of literally hundreds of heath spotted orchids, and they look amazing.

Into the Haunn field, the bluebells and pignut make a wonderful dappled colour on a dark evening.  Meadowpipits chase a cuckoo into the tree beside Toechtamhor.

Masses of wood bitter vetch flowering now too.

Sadly this little nest beside the track has not survived.  Something had pulled the top layers of the nest out and it lay on the ground.  Nowhere was the bird, nor her eggs.

I will endeavour to go back and take this shot again in better light.  There is wood bitter vetch, heath spotted orchid, pignut, pea vetch, birds foot trefoil, tormentil, all looking so pretty.

Droplets of water on the water avens..

Wild blue hues affecting the sky colour in this one, but it shows the density of the bluebells.  Lovely to see the chimney smoke from West Cottage.

The end of the dandelion.

I think these are Northern Marsh Orchids.

The light may have been dull, but the flowers more than made up for it.

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