Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Another evening walk

It was good to get home after a necessary day in Oban, but a little embarrassing to discover that I had got the date of the meeting with our new bank manager wrong, and he arrived while I was in Oban! Luckily Farmer was working close to home, and was able to show him round. 

I hate going to Oban when the weather is good, so as soon as we had had something to eat Farmer and I took our bikes down to Haunn, and walked through the field where the cows were to see how they were getting on in munching down the sward.  

Red campion by the house this morning, when I let the dog out..

Wood Bitter vetch in the Coronation Meadow/Haunn field.

In the field beyond Haunn where the cows are, a swathe of heath spotted orchids untouched by the cows. There is still plenty of grass for them.

Over the silvery sea and into the silvery light of the slowly setting sun, a shag takes flight.  It had been sitting on some rocks. The cliffs feel quiet, almost empty of nesting birds.

The foxgloves outside Middle are looking amazing just now.

The tinge of blue from the dying bluebells in the Haunn field.

A bee on the Wood bitter vetch - my macro better come back from the menders soon! Farmer had headed off and left me to my own devices by this stage...

A few moments after I got into the house, the sunset gave us all a wonderful show.

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