Thursday, 5 June 2014

Its not all roses in the garden

2 contrasting days. 

Wednesday was one of those beautiful energising days, when the air was filled with birdsong and the sun was shining brightly. 

Thursday was grey and still and damply overcast.


Willow warbler and Meadowpipit posed together on the tiny windswept rowan tree outside Toechtamhor garden.

The evening dog walk below the house found silvery golden light on the sea illuminating the changing colours of the grassland and the brilliance of the red campion.

Foxgloves on the cabin site.  What a wonderful place that will be to sit and watch the sun go down.

The sun kindly set with drama and colour.

And today.. Thursday.

This morning a grey day in contrast to the sun of yesterday.

A sad occurrence this morning. A cuckoo flew into the office window. Thankfully it died instantly.  I heard it calling very close to the house, and then a deep thud as it hit the glass.  I went out immediately hoping to see it pick itself up and fly off, but it lay very still. It isn't a bird we usually see close up, not like garden birds, and I was struck by its beautiful breast plumage and the delicate blue grey of its head.

We can't see the sea from the office window this evening, the mist is right down.

I think I am normally a bit tougher about nature and things that happen, and I know there are far bigger issues to be upset about, but I couldn't help but be sad for the cuckoo, having flown all that way from Africa to breed.  Hopefully it had laid its egg before that - if it was a female that is!

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