Monday, 9 March 2015

Special Offers

We are offering a discount on the last remaining weeks between now and the end of April.  Please get in touch by email if you would like further information.

That lovely day on the Ross of Mull feels now like a distant memory blocked out by the wettest, darkest day on Saturday, when the in-by fields flowed with flooding waters from burns and ditches and straight down the hills.   Wherever Farmer has driven in the quad bike or tractor has become a river of rain as if overnight.  The ground is so saturated it cannot take any more.

Rochester the bull must surely be happier indoors in weather like this?

Half the cows have calved now, the others look to be some time off.  The young ones are growing up fast, and very inquisitive (as long as you don't move too sharply) coming up for a closer look.

After Saturday, thankfully comes Sun-Day. Living up to its name, the day dawned and blue sky greeted us when we woke this morning.  What a huge shining relief to see the sun and its brightness.  I went to Croig.  I went to Dervaig.  Drank coffee at Croig and tea at Dervaig.

The family walk with dogs took us down below the house, along to the Ensay burn.  The opportunity for a family photograph with dogs, the one on the left is Walter leaping towards his master, Farmer.

On our way back to the farmhouse a deep grey cloud burst into a hail storm, and we got soaked.  All in a day! Spring? Perhaps not quite yet.

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