Monday, 2 March 2015

Garden hares

The hares are back in the garden, they are teasing me by coming in before it is fully light or just before it is fully dark, thus making photographing them very difficult.

Farmer and I walked through the field where the tups are, and Jan showed off her skills without the others (Cap and Walter) to disturb her.  She can sometimes seem afraid to come up on the sheep, but she was not worried about bringing the tups back to the Farmer this time.  Kindly Farmer was holding Coco for me so I could take photographs.

A couple of years ago we fenced off a couple of areas in the field with no name, so that the young seedling birches could grow.  Thank goodness we did.  One of the recent storms has seriously hit the granny birch in this roundel, the trunk has split and the main limb is touching the ground.  Farmer is going to cut the limb back and hopefully the tree will regrow from lower down.

A good swell in off the sea brought some dramatic waves crashing against the jet black wet rocks along the shore.  The wind was strong enough to nearly blow me off my feet taking some of these, but I managed to stay standing and not get wet. 

This morning, amidst hail storms and more winds, a load of hay and straw arrived.  This is always a good feeling.  The driver had the load unwrapped and untied in record time and was soon back off down the road heading for the ferry.

Farmer then went to feed the sheep, before stacking the bales in the dry of the cattle shed.

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