Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Chalk and cheese

School bus run dog walk, before the sun has fully hit the beach.

The surf is busy with oystercatchers and gulls looking for debris from yesterday's storm, as well as the hoodies.

A meeting in Craignure and on the way home, the swans have returned to their island nesting place.  I have always wanted to photograph them so I thought I could walk along the road but the male was very protective of the female, even at that distance, so I left well alone.

Back to Calgary with the camping gas stove and Farmer's special pancake mixture to have a surprise picnic waiting for Daughter when she got off the bus!  They were delicious, washed down with thermos tea.

The beach has really changed shape again, the edge of the sand where the marram grows on the burn side has been sculpted by the wind and the waves.

The burn has doubled in width.

Coco enjoyed it.

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