Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Another week closer

We are moving quickly, another week closer to the beginning of lambing.  Farmer gathered yesterday with J and J, and today he and Dervaig J put the ewes all through the fank.  We have our once a weekly helper SB back too, and so he saved the Farmer's back 206 times before lunch, which was great. The hill ewes expecting singles go back to the hill straight away.  The eild (barren) ewes are marked and go back to the hill too.  The ewes expecting twins are put to one side, they will get extra grub, to help balance the additional nutrition the second lamb will need.

For me, for some reason it has been a week of meetings.  The first day was a photo editing worship, which was good, though exhausting and I realise I edit my photographs in a very simplistic and basic way.

The start of the day has got a whole lot noisier with the calling of the common gulls as they fly to and from the lochan to the shore past the house.  It is wonderful to hear them though!

Last night the setting moon was wonderful casting a golden glow over the sea between here and Coll.

This morning started off beautifully, with blue blue sea and sky.

The greylags took off from the shadows as I walked towards them, with all the settings mixed up on the camera - hence the blurs!

It was lovely to watch a sanderling, so quick, on the water's edge, picking at the tide.

Too tiring for some.  How can they sleep?!

And in the fank - some of the older and wiser faces.

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