Sunday, 7 September 2014

Waiting for the lights

Saturday night forecast looked promising for the Aurora Borealis.  I stayed up.  The skies clouded over so the moon lit clouds were all I saw.

Farmer had 15 or so bales left to finish, I went to muddle up the wrapper settings help for a while.  The Rene Descartes cable laying ship was still working away, off shore, churning up the bottom by the looks of the turquoise waters - sand and water colour mixed? Not usually streakily turquoise in those bits of the Treshnish sea view.

There is a basking shark at Calgary, well worth visiting for a close encounter sometime this month.

We went there for tea and cake this afternoon. I walked home with Coco. It was a lovely walk.

The full moon rose over the brow of the hill tonight and looked majestic.

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