Monday, 15 September 2014

Beside the River Bellart

Looking up the river Bellart at 8.30 this morning.  And then diving into the gorse bushes beside the bridge looking for spiders!  (my new obsession much to the distaste of Daughter who hates them.) The light wasn't quite as good as the other morning, but it was still very exciting to dip into spider world.  I have just ordered a book for the Phone Room to help us all ID the spiders as for some reason they are not listed in our Collins UK insects guide.

The morning light on the Bellart was lovely.

Farmer and I had to take the blue van to Tobermory this afternoon, to leave it for its MOT.   The pencil tower of Dervaig church was looking majestic against the blue sky.

The Mull Rally takes place in October and in preparation the Council seem to have started filling some of the potholes on the public roads.  I had to stop beyond the Mishnish Lochs and wait for them to finish one, and this was the view across to Ben Hiant on Ardnamurchan.  Not a bad view for a (brief) traffic holdup. 

Back home and Prasad offered to show me the Chaffweed he has been monitoring for the last few years since he first found it in 2009.  He said these were the biggest plants he had seen.  (all of a microscopic 2 inches...) 

I certainly wouldnt have found it on my own, as it really was tiny.  This (above) was the largest plant, others were perhaps only 1/2 an inch. 

Coco and I walked back via the lochan, and it was lovely up there.  The weather has been so dry though, the bogs seem to be drying up..

I love this view across the Treshnish rooftops to the Point, with Tiree in the distance on the left and Coll on the right.

The wind was very light so the turbines were barely turning.  This evening as it got dark Farmer and I walked down below the house into the graveyard field to check the lambs.  Sometimes they get stuck in the brambles.  Tonight there were no bramble hostages.  It was so still, not a breath of wind, and so so quiet.  

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