Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dull forecast for Aurora Borealis

The day has been hot. Hard to believe it is September.  We drove past Calgary beach at 10.30 am this morning and there was a man swimming and a woman standing in a bikini.  At 10.30 in the morning. 

Aurora Borealis forecast for tonight is for a mega hit - visible quite far down the rest of the UK as well as up here.  There was no breeze to shift this haze and no sign of the wind we would need. 

Even the Farmer enjoys a swim every now and then. And with the temperature this evening at 17.5 degrees as we drove to Calgary... not to be missed.

That was the clearest the sky was going to be all night. There were stars overhead when I went to bed at 1am but not a glimpse of the northern lights to the north.  I guess I wasn't the only person who was slightly disappointed.
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