Friday, 5 September 2014

Making silage while the sun shines

The rust on the blades wears off when the mower goes mowing.  Yesterday Farmer mowed our field and the field at Calgary and a field over near Salen.

Farmer 'rowed up' the Calgary field once he had done ours this morning ready for the baler. 

Patches of heather slowly fading now, but the bog is still vital in colour.

The other Farmer appears with an enormous baler and makes 75 bales. His machine makes a heavier denser bale than ours (used to) so this is probably equivalent to about 100 bales, meaning we have nearly 200 days worth of silage/food in the winter store now. Excellent work Farmer!  Here is the baler finishing the last bales.  

A Red Admiral, newly emerged I think, as its wings look so fresh but crumpled.  It sat for such a long time in the one place.

On the school run, the campers at Calgary were getting ready to party by the sounds of things! A huge party, with gazebos, and loo tents, and jet skis.  

Back home a party of a more sedate kind as the hens huddle waiting to get out of their run.  They are still laying really well. 17 eggs today!

Sunlight this evening on the buoys hanging on the gate post.

Light pouring in through the garden shed windows.

All we need now is dry weather for the wrapping.

85% moon rising over Shian this evening.

I could hardly ask the guests to move their cars...

Farmer putting everything away for the night.

And a sunset to delight.

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