Monday, 29 September 2014

Busy days

We had our Visit Scotland inspection today, and it was nice to walk round with the inspector and see all the improvements to the cottages through their eyes.  Taking stock. 

Walking the dogs. Barely a breath of wind. Down on the shore looking out on to Caliach Point. 

Selecting ewe lambs for a private sale. Walter is hiding behind the gate watching every move.  The lambs huddle up into that corner. When they realise he is there, they scatter very quickly.

Farmer takes stock. The great thing about the private sale is that the lambs do not have to go through a market, so less travel and less stress for them, and we know what price we are getting before they leave the farm. 

The starlings last night were enjoying the still night airs on the transformer pole near the Studio.  I managed to sneak a photograph or two from between Studio and Shieling.  There were hundreds of them.  More than we have ever seen here.

The autumn colours are looking lovely, from Calgary looking at Treshnish Point, and as the oystercatchers take flight at the water's edge this morning.

The sun is now not quite over the hill behind Calgary as I start to walk the dog on the beach, but by the time we have finished it has fully risen.

Back home and the sun is casting wonderful light on the garden.

Another sale tomorrow, this time Oban.  The last load of lambs and one or two older ewes to go. Sorting and tagging and getting ready.

The livestock trailer is all ready to load lambs first thing in the morning tomorrow. 

 Jan. In the place she is happiest to be. At his side.

Having seen that huge flock of starlings last night, I went to see if I could get more photographs of them tonight, but they weren't as settled and flew off as soon as I got near.

We have some spaces in the cottages in October, with special offers on!
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