Sunday, 26 January 2014

Upcycling in the garden, protecting the hens.

The forecast for early this morning and today was pretty grim, but we don't think it has been as bad here as was expected.  Certainly no flooding, though the fields are totally saturated.

Unfortunately Farmer has succumbed to a cold, feeling a bit under the weather.  Feeding the animals and doing essential chores before coming in shivering and dosing himself with whatever he can find in the medicine cupboard.  

It was still pretty windy today, and I took the camera out between showers into the garden around the house.  The burn (our water supply monitor - when it runs dry we need to conserve; when it is in spate, we have plenty) beside the house is running fast and furious today.

The water gate has been washed away from further upstream.

Hebe cuttings. Thinking ahead.  R has taken them and in a years time they will be planted out in the cottage gardens.

It is not just the rain which has exposed these bulbs. It is really difficult to keep the hens out of the garden as they can all fly over the gate.

Nasturtiums in the dome, they look so beautifully springlike and green.

The snow drops have shown themselves this week.  It is refreshing to see them flowering despite the weather.

And at last safety for those hens.  Plus a bit of up-cycling.  R has used a sheet of tin from the shed behind the trough to repair the trough.  For a tin shed fanatic like me, it is just perfect.  It now means that the hens can shelter under the trough without the risk of the contents falling through the rust.
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