Thursday, 16 January 2014

Meter readings

The builders are getting on well.  We have even talked about when to ask J to come along to do the tape-ing and filling. Things will slow down tomorrow right enough, as A is off to show hens at a poultry show and sale and won't be back til Monday.

Things do have to get worse before they get better though.  The track is looking a bit muddy with all the comings and goings of diggers and trucks.   I have been ordering all the additional materials we need (that aren't in my Grand Treshnish Design budget) like the wet wall panelling and the microscopically thin insulation board for the new bathroom in Shian....  Also I have been looking at kitchen tiles and floor coverings - and wondering how ever we succeeded in researching these things before we had the internet.

We had a curious email from Ecotricity this week.  They have noticed that our meter readings were a bit higher this quarter, so they have assumed there was some mistake, and have stopped our payment.  Could we re-read the meter and let them know what the reading was.  I have obliged, wondering at the same time, whether they had noticed that we had had violent storms for much of November and December, which could have resulted, perhaps, in a slight increase in generation.

The sea has been quiet for much of the week.  The waves look so brightly white on the reef across the mouth of the bay. 

Yesterday was horrendously dark and damp until about 3pm, when I noticed this golden glow on Duill windows.  It was still raining lightly at the time, producing a moody rainbow.

And this exquisite golden sky which lasted all the way down to Calgary on the school run.

The sky cleared and so the moon shone really brightly all night.   It set just before 8am this morning.

Farmer has done nearly all the sheep. The Blackface are back to the hill, and he only has the Cheviots and Zwartbles left to do.  Tomorrow we are heading off to Ardalanish Farm to talk about tweed and weaving Treshnish wool into scarves.  Watch this space!

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