Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The oystercatchers and me

Yesterday the tiles arrived for Shian and Duill sunrooms.  (I think I ordered too many, they weigh nearly a tonne and a half).  The concrete was poured for the foundations.  (I don't think they ordered enough as there was a bit of a fall-off at one end.)

Despite a few hiccups, there is still a huge amount of progress being made in various areas of the build.  It is at that has to look worse before it will look any better stage, but it is exciting to be talking about taping and filling in 10 days time...

The new bathroom insulation needs to arrive so that we can get the walls in the bathroom finished, and then that will be another big step.   We are using a new product for the bathroom as space is at such a premium in the already small room particularly.  It has extremely high U values but is wafer thin.  Thankfully the wall needing doing is not very big, as it is an expensive product.  When it arrives I will write more about it.  The other external walls of Shian have been wafered with thick slabs of insulation and it felt psychologically as if it were warmer already.

Farmer went to Oban to the cast tup sale yesterday.  We had 2 tups we needed to send away and our neighbour kindly took them for us, as he was going anyway.  He had never been to that sale before, so it was interesting to see who was about and what else was being sold.   Not having to transport our own animals meant that Farmer could go over on foot, and he even found time to get squatties (prawn tails) at the fishmonger on the pier on the way back.  (they were delicious).

The sun came out at lunchtime today, it was lovely to have patches of blue sky and a soft sunset.  The beach was empty of humans, but the gulls were enjoying paddling down the burn at high speed.

There has been a lot of rain.

But then we have been rewarded with this subtle sunset light.

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