Sunday, 5 January 2014

Away for a few nights

Farmer made sure all the animals were in the right fields, the correct gates were closed, the water supplies were checked, the wood chip was checked, the dogs were walked, anything that should be tied down was tied down in case of another big blast.  I did what I had to do in the office. Packed the car.  Remembered the dog.  Remembered the child.  

Dropped the dog off with A over near Torloisk.  She loves going there, and perks up as soon as we turn in.  The light down Loch Tuath was magical. 

Farmer took the sleeper train to London.  Daughter and I stayed in Glasgow.  Next day we headed to Dumfries.  It was wet and very windy.  The photo below taken by Daughter was of flooding on the road towards the Dalveen Pass.

We stopped in Thornhill, a place with interesting wildlife.

And appropriately named pubs.  We arrived at our friends house just as it was getting dark, having only encountered one really long deep puddle on the way.

Farmer got the train back up to Dumfries.  It seemed such an easy journey - leaving Glasgow at 23.40pm Thursday night, being in the London area from 7am til 5pm, and back in Dumfries by 10pm - less than 24 hours.

Next day Farmer and Artist strolled off for a walk in the Dumfries-shire hills.

We picked them up and went to Thornhill again, not for the wildlife this time, but the sunset and the cakes.

This morning we left, and half expected not to get home, as the weather forecast and ferry disruptions had been fairly dire.  But we were in Oban in record time, and had time to kill before the 4pm ferry.

It was pouring when we arrived in Craignure.

Despite that, it is good to be home.   The new year really begins for us now.  Lots of work to do.

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