Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wild flowers at Haunn and Port Haunn

Poppies in Toechtamhor garden.

Bitter vetch.

Early purple orchid.

Dandelion clock.

Someone always needs to be around when you have livestock. This evening, the cows were moo-ing because somehow the gate between the two fields they have access to, was accidentally closed.  The herd likes to be together, and if a cow is one side of the fence and her calf on the other, she will not rest until they are re-united.  Thankfully we were taking a bench down to Toechtamhor, and Farmer was able to open the gate and let them all join up again. 

I think this is a pink Milkwort?

The Haunn path.

On the skyline.

Thrift is fully in bloom now, clinging onto rocks and sheer drops.

Port Haunn.

Rock formation at Port Haunn.

Rose root fully in flower now.

Beautiful buck's horn plantain.

More thrift..never can have too much!

Looking from Port Haunn over the Ross of Mull, you can just see the Paps of Jura in the distance.

Not sure what this is..think it is Wood Bitter vetch?

Spring squill.



The spring below Haunn.

Common Spotted Orchid.. more of them beginning to appear on the hill now.

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