Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lichens and new leaves

A damp walk through the Atlantic hazel woodland beside the Ensay burn.  This woodland is deer fenced along the hill side and along the Ensay burn.  This is the woodland we are looking after to protect Hazel Gloves Fungus and also some nationally rare lichens.  

At this time of year it is easier to see the progress of the natural regeneration, as the tiny saplings show up when their bright green leaves open.  

Bedraggled wood anemone.

Wild honeysuckle.

New leaves on new trees.

Lichen thriving in the clean sea air.

No sheep or cows are allowed to graze in here, so it is well fenced. Every now and then our neighbours sheep are accidently 'pushed' over the boundary cattle grid, and we have to round them up and get them out again! 

The editing on Prasad's book (Birds of Treshnish and North Mull) is nearly finished, and so it will be published soon.  I will post a link once it is available - as an ebook initially.

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