Tuesday, 21 May 2013

An everlasting walk

I walked along the headland this afternoon with friends.  

It was stunningly beautiful along there as it always is.  The highlight though was sitting in the field beyond Haunn and finding Mountain Everlasting (both male and female) at our feet as we looked out over a steely sea to the islands.... 

Frog spawn near the Reudle gate.

I love the view of the islands as you walk down into Glacguigaridh.

The boat carving to the left of the doorway on the dwelling nearest the ash tree at Crackaig.

Ewes are beginning to see the benefit of some warmer days helping the grass grow.

The wall beside the Crackaig burn.

We failed our plant ID on this one as we walked, but luckily for me Prasad has confirmed since that it is Water Hemlock Dropwort.

Remnants of Atlantic Hazel Woodland, tumbling down the cliff side to the raised beach, at the point where you have gone too far - if you are looking for the path up to Crackaig from the Haunn direction!

Clumps of foxgloves.

A solitary elm tree coming into leaf.

A stonecrop of sorts.

Above the whisky cave.

Beach debris.

A solitary Herb Robert flowering in the safety of a stinging nettle.

We wondered if this green veined white butterfly had only just emerged as it seemed to move as if it was learning how to.


This is a mystery one.  When we were doing the application to the Forestry Commission for the woodland natural regeneration areas, they sent an ecologist to survey the in-bye for signs of woodland. Sven showed us a tiny almost prostrate willow he called Salix Arbuscula, which is an Alpine willow, more commonly found in the Cairngorms.  Prasad is not sure he has seen it though he has looked in the same areas as we had walked with Sven some years before. I wondered if this is it.. but no, Prasad counsels that it is Creeping Willow.

Bitter vetch.

Heath spotted orchids are beginning to show now too.

Female Mountain Everlasting

Male Mountain Everlasting - growing within inches of each other.

Bluebells in the field beyond Haunn. And sadly, bracken fronds unfurling too.

Water Hemlock Dropwort further in leaf.

The marsh marigolds are abundant this year.

I am off to Oban in a minute.  A trip to the market is required to get a lamb bucket (a substitute for the drinks bottle!) for the 6 bottle fed lambs, and some new waterproof trousers for the Farmer.
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