Monday, 8 December 2014

Watching it come and go

And of course, I mean the weather! Thank goodness for insulation, airtight windows and wood chip heating, as we are warm and cosy while the wind is getting up and swirling round the gables.

We haven't had any snow yet, but it is close by. We have had thunder and rainbows and lightning.

I have attended 2 meetings today without leaving the house!  One via Skype and the other this evening, via a conference call.  This saved me 60 miles/2 hours of driving and a lot of waiting around as both meetings were in Craignure and I was going to have to work at the MICT office for 3 hours between meetings.   The roads are icy tonight and so I am doubly glad to be at home. 

On the farm, Farmer has been moving the tups around, putting in the 'chaser' tups now that the first full cycle has passed, they will hopefully catch any ewes that the first tups have missed.  The cows are still outside, and hopefully will be until New Year. 

Wild weather is forecast for the next few days with cancelled ferries and possibly structural damage.   There is no one in the cottages at the moment, the first week since March that we have no guests. I have to say I am quite relieved as we will only have ourselves to worry about. 

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