Thursday, 4 December 2014

Service time

The weather this week has been changeable. Some dramatic clouds and colours, as well as verdant rainbows.

For several weeks we have been trying to schedule in the servicing of the wind turbines. Our installer is not local so it needs planning. For the last 2 or 3 weeks I have been updating them with the weather (wind) reports and it has been forecast as being too windy for taking the turbines down safely.  If it is spinning too fast you can damage the turbine when you put the brake on before taking it down.  

Today, finally, they made it! And the Proven 6, the one we installed in 2009, was taken down first.  It all seemed to be in working order and we talked about the differences in output between the two turbines, subject of many a previous blog, and what can be hopefully done to address the issue.  It is this turbine which doesn't perform as well as the other newer one.

It always surprises me how big the head of the turbine is when you see it lying on the ground.

The solar PV is serviced at a different time of year, and is not weather dependant in the same way!

The road from Burg down towards Calgary. There was a thin mist over Treshnish through which we could see a patch of sun on Coll.

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