Tuesday, 30 December 2014

In wintering begins

It is always good to catch up with old friends. Brownie seemed to want us to meet his new friend, the wedder/castrated tup lamb.

Farmer brought the cows in today.  They have been on the hill for the last week or so, having a bit of concentrate in the morning just to keep them sweet.

Over the last few days, they have started walking from the feed station above Toechtamhor towards the hill park fence. You could see them from the house, walking across the hill towards the field with the cattle shed in.

They were making a point. They were ready for some indoor pampering.  And the cow brush.

All mod cons.

And for the humans a bit of winter thoughtfulness!  A looked at the forecast and decided he should deliver today.  Thankfully the neighbour who had parked where the tractor needs to reverse, had left the keys in his car so we could move it before the lorry arrived.

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